Arkansas missing children

The initial contact for an Arkansan searching for, or reporting a missing child, is the Arkansas State Police. The Arkansas State Police are the coordinating law enforcement agency in Arkansas to alert the public of missing or abducted children. There is information concerning the Arkansas Amber Plan and the manner in which an Amber Alert may contribute to finding a missing child. The State Police will inform citizens of what steps need to be taken and the resources available to help with search and recovery of a missing child. Internet searches for missing children are available at some of the links listed below, as well as runaway prevention guides, resources, and support for parents who are victims of criminal child abduction.

Arkansas Statewide Missing Children Search

Arkansas State Police
Coordinating law enforcement agency in Arkansas to alert the public of missing or abducted children.

Arkansas Center for Missing and Exploited Children
View listing and photos of children reported missing in Arkansas.

Arkansas Amber Alert Plan
Steps for activating the Arkansas Amber alert system.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Search for children reported missing in Arkansas online.

Missing Children in Arkansas
Missing and endangered children alerts for Arkansas.

Arkansas Attorney General
Arkansas missing children services program information.

What To Do If Your Child Is Missing
Information regarding which law enforcement services to contact to report a missing child.

Arkansas Runaway and Missing Children
Runaway prevention, guides, resources and support for parents.

Arkansas Crime Information Center
Access the online Arkansas missing person search.


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