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If a child is missing in Colorado, the first report should be made to the local law enforcement agency from where the child goes missing. After the initial report has been made to law enforcement, there are many agencies which become involved to return the missing child to safety. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation becomes the central repository for information to be disseminated to all other agencies involved in the search and recovery of the missing child. The Colorado Missing Person Clearinghouse coordinates information with other states which might be involved and assists in the distribution of information. The Colorado Amber Alert System provides the rapid dissemination of information about a suspect and child to law enforcement agencies and the public when a child has been abducted. Current alerts are available for public viewing online. There are multiple agencies which aid families dealing with this horrible crime in the way of counseling, referrals and crisis intervention services. Statistics on missing children are provided online by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for public access. The Colorado Center for Missing and Exploited Children makes available online photos and details of children reported missing in Colorado.

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