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Credit report most asked questions and help with updated useful links:

This site is to help you with your credit questions. We provide links that inform you of your rights and privacy regulation. You can obtain your credit report and rating. If you notice errors in your report, there are methods in which to dispute information that is negatively affecting your rating.

Which companies provide credit reports:
There are many credit reporting services, however, there are 3 major companies that provide credit reports to all others.
There are 3 major Credit companies and they are as follows:

Which are the top companies that provide credit scores and are used by major creditors:
Until today the most used credit score in the credit industry is the fico score which can be obtained from

Where should I get a copy of my credit report and which company to use:

It is best to get the 3 companies' credit reports as they can vary greatly. is a good way to get all your 3 reports, however, you can only get your true fico score from which offers credit reports also but contains harder format to read.

What are my rights, privacy and warnings regarding credit reports:
We suggest the links below:

How do I dispute an item in my credit report:
You must dispute the record with the reporting credit agency directly here are the links: