Georgia missing children

Georgia citizens have law enforcement and other public agencies to call on for assistance if a child is reported missing from Georgia. The Georgia Public Alert System is coordinated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. It is a system of alerts triggered by reports of missing children which are then broadcast statewide or regionally, depending on the circumstance. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation also offers an online search database to assist in locating missing children. Georgia provides many resources to eradicate this criminal activity including links to law enforcement and agencies of authority to assist in the search and recovery of a missing child. The internet also plays an important role by providing online inquiries and multiple sites which offer support and information for families searching for a missing child. Online resources enable the public to inform themselves and their children of important safety measures which can be taken to help prevent child abduction. Websites also offer lists, photos, and details of children currently missing in Georgia, as well as a list of current alerts for children reported missing.

Georgia Statewide Missing Children Search

Georgia Missing Children Search
Missing children records search.

Georgia Center for Missing and Exploited Children
View photos of children reported missing in Georgia.

Child Abduction Prevention
Information for parents and children to assist in the prevention of child abduction.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation
Search for children reported missing in Georgia online.

Georgia Public Alert System
Regional and statewide broadcast alerts for missing children.

What To Do If Your Child Is Missing
Law enforcement and public services to assist with a missing child, 24 hour hotline.

Family Advocacy Services
Crisis intervention services, counseling, referrals, reunification assistance.

Report a Sighting of a Missing Child
Twenty four hour hotline for reporting a sighting of a missing child.

Missing Kids in Georgia
Online alerts for missing and endangered children in the state of Georgia.


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