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The state of Hawaii maintains a serious approach to dealing with missing and abducted children. Multiple law enforcement and state agencies partner to provide support and services to search for, and return a child home safely. The Maile Amber Alert coordinates the four county police departments, Civil Defense, local broadcasters and State of Hawaii agencies to maximize the dissemination of public information. The Hawaii Missing Children Center is a primary resource for procedural and preventative information, including where to report a sighting of a missing child. The Keiki Identification Kit is a program which allows parents to have available a child identification package to be given immediately to law enforcement if a child is reported missing. Code Adam is a program to educate retail employees of procedures to implement before law enforcement arrives if a child is reported missing in a retail establishment. Hawaii provides many resources and services with the aim of eradicating this criminal activity. Multiple internet sites offer lists, photos, and details of children currently missing in Hawaii, as well as a list of current alerts for children reported missing.

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