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Illinois genealogy related links and topics. Individual state search of your ancestors, start a family tree, browse census records and more online. Resources and data from the Family History Resources in Regional Archives Depositories, State and Federal Governmental Records in the State Archives, Vital Records, Local Governmental Records Holdings Database, University of Illinois Newspaper Project, State Library, Genealogy at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, USGenWeb Project and National Archives Great Lakes Region in Chicago.

Illinois Genealogy

Illinois statewide genealogy links

Family History Resources in Illinois Regional Archives Depositories
Births, deaths, marriages, divorces, residences, real property, personal property, naturalizations, estates, school attendance, court actions, paupers, professions

State and Federal Governmental Records in the Illinois State Archives
Genealogical research includes censuses, military service, World War I draft registration, veterans homes, pensions, burials, vital and land sale records

State of Illinois Vital Records Archives
Locate birth, death and marriage historical records

Illinois State Archives Local Governmental Records Holdings Database
Search by the name of the county, the title of the record series or depository designation to trace ancestor records

Illinois State Archives and Libraries Search
Research genealogy records, search births, marriages and deaths, find resources at libraries and family history centers

University of Illinois Newspaper Project
Comprehensive information about the newspapers that have been identified and catalogued, as well as titles preserved by microfilming

Illinois State Library
Genealogy and family history resources such as census, military, county histories, atlases, geography, history materials

Genealogy at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library
Materials relating to Illinois history, family genealogies, county histories, atlases, plat books, census schedule indexes, enumeration records and cemetery inscriptions

USGenWeb Archives Illinois
Access the IL GenWeb project to view archives, courthouse records and special project research

National Archives Great Lakes Region in Chicago
Federal criminal, civil and bankruptcy case files, surveys of Indian industry, World War II draft cards, Indian School records, soldiers home case files, farm ownership case files

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