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The Amber Alert Program in Maine is a coordinated effort between broadcasters and law enforcement agencies to broadcast child abduction alerts. This alert can be a very effective tool in the recovery of a missing child and can be crucial in the first several hours of a child's disappearance. There is a 24 hour call center to receive any information about missing children, whether by sightings or other pertinent facts generated by the alert broadcasts. Law enforcement, criminal justice and other public agencies combine their considerable resources in every effort to return an abducted child safely home. Families of missing children have access to numerous support networks and resources. Follow the links below to find crisis intervention, reunification assistance, counseling and referrals Find information detailing steps for parents to take to protect their children against abduction. Multiple internet sites offer lists, photos, and details of children currently missing in Maine, search databases, and a list of current alerts for children reported missing.

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