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The state of Maryland makes available a multitude of resources to deal with missing and exploited children. There are law enforcement, criminal justice and other public agencies which can join forces to return a missing child safely home. Maryland's Amber Plan is a partnership between law enforcement agencies and broadcasters to activate an urgent bulletin when a child is reported missing. The Amber Plan has proven to be an effective tool in the first critical hours of a child abduction. The Maryland State Clearinghouse for Missing Children offers assistance and support to state police installations and all law enforcement agencies nationwide in locating a missing child. The Maryland Task Force for the Missing and Unidentified, Adults and Children provides a nationwide database which allows law enforcement agencies, investigators, and the public to search nationwide for missing persons by registering in the system. In the private sector, the Missing and Exploited Childrens Association of Maryland is an all volunteer organization committed to raising public awareness in issues of child safety. The internet serves citizens by providing search databases, websites which offer lists, photos, and details of children currently missing in Maryland.

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