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Access Mississippi Courts online directly. Search court records; from Mississippi county courts to Supreme courts. Find criminal filings, Mississippi dissolution of marriage or divorce records from official state websites. File small claims lawsuits. Link to Mississippi probate sources with helpful information. Bankruptcy courts by jurisdiction or by districts. Mississippi state courts contact information such as telephone numbers and more.
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Mississippi State Court Records Search Suggestions

As there may be more one source to obtaining Mississippi criminal, civil and divorce records, it is important to search multiple state courts to find the correct records.

Mississippi State Court Structure:

The Mississippi municipal court has jurisdiction over misdemeanors and traffic/other violations. The Mississippi justice court has jurisdiction over tort, contract, real property rights ($0/$2,500), and misdemeanor cases. The Mississippi justice court handles preliminary hearings. The Mississippi county court hears tort, contract, real property rights ($0/$75,000) cases, and civil appeals. The county court has jurisdiction over adoption, paternity, miscellaneous domestic relations, misdemeanor, and juvenile proceedings. The county court handles preliminary hearings. The Mississippi chancery court has jurisdiction over tort, contract, real property rights, estate, mental health cases, and civil appeals. The chancery court presides over marriage dissolution, support/custody, and paternity cases. The Mississippi chancery court hears juvenile cases if no county court hears them. The chancery court handles appeals on the record. The Mississippi circuit court has jurisdiction over tort, contract, real property rights ($200/no maximum) cases, and civil appeals. The circuit court hears domestic relations, felony, misdemeanor, appeals, and miscellaneous criminal cases. The Mississippi court of appeals has mandatory jurisdiction in civil, noncapital criminal, administrative agency, juvenile, original proceeding cases, and interlocutory decision cases assigned by the Supreme Court. The court of appeals has no discretionary jurisdiction. The Mississippi supreme court has mandatory jurisdiction in civil, capital criminal, criminal, administrative agency, juvenile, disciplinary, original proceeding, and interlocutory decision cases. The Mississippi supreme court has discretionary jurisdiction in certified questions from federal court cases.

Directory of Links and Resources to Access County, State or Federal Court Records Online

Mississippi Civil and Divorce Court Records

Judgments, lawsuits, dissolution of marriage, civil court cases.

Civil, family law cases and divorces, personal injury cases, lawsuits, estate planning and probate matters.
  • Mississippi Circuit Courts
    Circuit Courts hear civil lawsuits. Appeals from County, Justice and Municipal courts
  • Mississippi Chancery Courts
    Real property rights, estate, mental health, civil appeals, marriage dissolution, support, custody and paternity. Search chancery court judges, court clerks and other useful information about the court.
  • Mississippi Justice Courts
    Justice Courts have jurisdiction over small claims civil cases involving amounts of $3,500 or less.
  • Mississippi Electronic Courts
    General information for electronic case filing. Forms and filing events. Registration and training for MEC.
  • Mississippi Supreme Court
    Find links to court justices and oral argument webcasts. Search with direct links to the docket calendar, general docket, and decisions.
  • Mississippi Court of Appeals
    Search listing of Appeals Court Judges.
  • Mississippi Bankruptcy Courts
    Statewide Mississippi bankruptcy courts. Link to free forms, use electronic filing systems and other judicial tools available to the public.
  • Mississippi Judgments and Liens
    Court resources, electronic forms and self help tools. Link to info for defaults, recovery. Find civil judgments. Link to information for defaults, recovery, default, cases and files that can show civil judgments.

Mississippi Criminal Court Records

Felony, misdemeanors and traffic violations.

Most criminal cases are started when a prosecutor, either a district attorney (who represents a county) or the attorney general (who represents the state), files a complaint with the court.

Mississippi District Court Records

Filings in my District courthouses.

Mississippi circuit court clerks listed by county. Request records and transcripts of cases including tort, contract, real property rights, civil appeals, domestic relations, felony, misdemeanor, appeals and miscellaneous criminal.

Adams County Circuit Clerk
Edward C. Walker P.O. Box 1224 Natchez, MS 39121-1224 Phone: 601-446-6326 Fax: 601-445-7955

Alcorn County Circuit Clerk
Joe Caldwell P.O. Box 430 Corinth, MS 38835 Phone: 662-286-7740 Fax: 662-286-7767

Amite County Circuit Clerk
Sharon Walsh P.O. Box 312 Liberty, MS 39645 Phone: 601-657-8932 Fax: 601-657-1082

Attala County Circuit Clerk
Wanda Fancher 100 Courthouse, Ste 1 Kosciusko, MS 39090 Phone: 662-289-1471 Fax: 662-289-7666

Benton County Circuit Clerk
Kathy M. Graves P.O. Box 262 Ashland, MS 38603 Phone: 662-224-6310 Fax: 662-224-6312

Bolivar County Circuit Clerk

1st District
Marilyn L. Kelly P.O. Box 205 Rosedale, MS 38769 Phone: 662-759-6521 Fax: 662-759-3717

2nd District
Marilyn L. Kelly P.O. Box 670 Cleveland, MS 38732 Phone: 662-843-2061 Fax: 662-846-2943

Calhoun County Circuit Clerk
Deborah Dunn P.O. Box 25 Pittsboro, MS 38951 Phone: 662-412-3101 Fax: 662-412-3103

Carroll County Circuit Clerk

1st District
Durward Stanton P.O. Box 60 Carrollton, MS 38917 Phone: 662-237-9274 Fax: 662-237-9642

2nd District
Durward Stanton P.O. Box 6 Vaiden, MS 39176 Phone: 662-464-5476 Fax: 662-464-5407

Chickasaw County Circuit Clerk

1st District
Sandra N. Willis 1 Pinson Square, Room 2 Houston, MS 38851 Phone: 662-456-2331 Fax: 662-456-4831

2nd District
Sandra N. Willis 234 W. Main Street, Room 203 Okolona, MS 38860 Phone: 662-447-2838 Fax: 662-447-5024

Choctaw County Circuit Clerk
Peggy Miller P.O. Box 34 Ackerman, MS 39735 Phone: 662-285-6245 Fax: 662-285-2196

Claiborne County Circuit Clerk
Sammie Lee Good P.O. Box 549 Port Gibson, MS 39150 Phone: 601-437-5841 Fax: 601-437-4543

Clarke County Circuit Clerk
Beth Doggett Jordan P.O. Box 216 Quitman, MS 39355 Phone: 601-776-3111 Fax: 601-776-1001

Clay County Circuit Clerk
Bob Harrell P.O. Box 364 West Point, MS 39773 Phone: 662-494-3384 Fax: 662-495-2057

Coahoma County Circuit Clerk
Charles A. Oakes P.O. Drawer 849 Clarksdale, MS 38614 Phone:662-624-3014 Fax:662-624-3075

Copiah County Circuit Clerk
Edna E. Stevens P.O. Box 467 Hazlehurst, MS 39083 Phone: 601-894-1241 Fax: 601-894-3026

Covington County Circuit Clerk
Mellisa Duckworth P.O. Box 667 Collins, MS 39428 Phone: 601-765-6506 Fax: 601-765-5012

Desoto County Circuit Clerk
Dale K. Thompson 2535 Hwy 51 S, Rm 201 Hernando, MS 38632 Phone: 662-429-1325 Fax: 662-449-1416

Forrest County Circuit Clerk
Lou Ellen Adams P.O. Drawer 992 Hattiesburg, MS 39403 Phone: 601-582-3213 Fax: 601-545-6065

Franklin County Circuit Clerk
Millie Thornton P.O. Box 267 Meadville, MS 39653 Phone: 601-384-2320 Fax: 601-384-8244

George County Circuit Clerk
Chad Welford 355 Cox St., Ste C Lucedale, MS 39452 Phone: 601-947-4881 Fax: 601-947-8804

Greene County Circuit Clerk
Cecelia Bounds P.O. Box 310 Leakesville, MS 39451 Phone: 601-394-2379 Fax: 601-394-2334

Grenada County Circuit Clerk
Linda M. Barnette P.O. Box 1517 Grenada, MS 38902-1517 Phone: 662-226-1941 Fax: 662-227-2865

Hancock County Circuit Clerk
Karen Ladner Ruhr 3068 Longfellow Dr. Bld 7 Bay St. Louis, MS 39520 Ph.: 228-467-5265 Fax: 228-467-2779

Harrison County Circuit Clerk

1st District
Gayle Parker P.O. Box 998 Gulfport, MS 39502 Phone: 228-865-4051 Fax: 228-865-4099

2nd District
Gayle Parker P.O. Box 235 Biloxi, MS 39533 Phone: 228-435-8233 Fax: 228-435-8270

Hinds County Circuit Clerk

1st District
Barbara Dunn P.O. Box 327 Jackson, MS 39205 Phone: 601-968-6628 Fax: 601-973-5547

2nd District
Barbara Dunn P.O. Box 999 Raymond, MS 39154 Phone: 601-857-8038 Fax: 601-857-0535

Holmes County Circuit Clerk
Earline Wright-Hart P.O. Box 718 Lexington, MS 39095 Phone: 662-834-2476 Fax: 662-834-3870

Humphreys County Circuit Clerk
Timaka J. Jones P.O. Box 696 Belzoni, MS 39038 Phone: 662-247-3065 Fax: 662-247-3906

Issaquena County Circuit Clerk
Earline Fortner P.O. Box 27 Mayersville, MS 39113 Phone: 601-873-2761 Fax: 601-873-2061

Itawamba County Circuit Clerk
Carol Gates 201 West Main Street Fulton, MS 38843 Phone: 662-862-3511 Fax: 662-862-4006

Jackson County Circuit Clerk
Joe W. Martin, Jr. P.O. Box 998 Pascagoula, MS 39568 Phone: 228-769-3040 Fax: 228-769-3180

Jasper County Circuit Clerk

1st District
Billy G. Rayner P.O. Box 58 Paulding, MS 39348 Phone: 601-727-4941 Fax: 601-727-4475

2nd District
Billy G. Rayner P.O. Box 447 Bay Springs, MS 39422 Phone: 601-764-2245 Fax: 601-764-3078

Jefferson County Circuit Clerk
Burnell Harris P.O. Box 305 Fayette, MS 39069 Phone: 601-786-3422 Fax: 601-786-9676

Jefferson Davis County Circuit Clerk
Arnell Harried P.O. Box 1090 Prentiss, MS 39474 Phone: 601-792-4231 Fax: 601-792-4957

Jones County Circuit Clerk

1st District
Wendell Bart Gavin, Jr. 101 Court Street, Suite B Ellisville, MS 39437 Phone: 601-477-8538 Fax: 601-477-8539

2nd District
Wendell Bart Gavin, Jr. P.O. Box 1336 Laurel, MS 39441 Phone: 601-425-2556 Fax: 601-399-4774

Kemper County Circuit Clerk
Roma Allen P.O. Box 130 DeKalb, MS 39328 Phone: 601-743-2224 Fax: 601-743-4173

Lafayette County Circuit Clerk
Mary Alice Busby 1 Courthouse Square, Ste 101 Oxford, MS 38655 Phone: 662-234-4951 Fax: 662-236-0238

Lamar County Circuit Clerk
Leslie Wilson P.O. Box 369 Purvis, MS 39475 Phone: 601-794-8504 Fax: 601-794-3905

Lauderdale County Circuit Clerk
Donna Jill Johnson P.O. Box 1005 Meridian, MS 39302-1005 Phone: 601-482-9731 Fax: 601-482-9734

Lawrence County Circuit Clerk
James "Sandy′ Brister P.O. Box 1249 Monticello, MS 39654 Phone: 601-587-4791 Fax: 601-587-4405

Leake County Circuit Clerk
Kathy G. Henderson P.O. Box 67 Carthage, MS 39051 Phone: 601-267-8357 Fax: 601-267-8889

Lee County Circuit Clerk
Joyce Roberts Loftin P.O. Box 762 Tupelo, MS 38802 Phone:662-841-9024 Fax:662-680-6079

Leflore County Circuit Clerk
Trey Evans P.O. Box 1953 Greenwood, MS 38935 Phone: 662-453-1435 Fax: 662-455-1278

Lincoln County Circuit Clerk
Terry Watkins P.O. Box 357 Brookhaven, MS 39602 Phone: 601-835-3435 Fax: 601-835-3482

Lowndes County Circuit Clerk
Mahala Nickles Salazar P.O. Box 31 Columbus, MS 39703 Phone: 662-329-5900 Fax: 662-329-5935

Madison County Circuit Clerk
Lee Westbrook P.O. Drawer 1626 Canton, MS 39046 Phone: 601-859-4365 Fax: 601-859-8555

Marion County Circuit Clerk
Jesse Loftin 250 Broad Street, Suite 1 Columbia, MS 39429 Phone: 601-736-8246 Fax: 601-731-6344

Marshall County Circuit Clerk
Lucy Carpenter P.O. Box 459 Holly Springs, MS 38635 Phone: 662-252-3434 Fax: 662-252-5951

Monroe County Circuit Clerk
Judy K. Butler P.O. Box 843 Aberdeen, MS 39730 Phone: 662-369-8695 Fax: 662-369-3684

Montgomery County Circuit Clerk
Lanelle Garrett Martin P.O. Box 765 Winona, MS 38967 Phone: 662-283-4161 Fax: 662-283-3363

Neshoba County Circuit Clerk
Pattie Duncan Lee 401 E. Beacon St., Ste 110 Philadelphia, MS 39350 Phone: 601-656-4781 Fax: 601-650-3997

Newton County Circuit Clerk
Nancy Darlene Kidd P.O. Box 447 Decatur, MS 39327 Phone: 601-635-2368 Fax: 601-635-3210

Noxubee County Circuit Clerk
Carl L. Mickens 505 South Jefferson Macon, MS 39341 Phone: 662-726-5737 Fax: 662-726-6041

Oktibbeha County Circuit Clerk
Angie McGinnis 108 W. Main Street Starkville, MS 39759 Phone: 662-323-1356 Fax: 662-323-1121

Panola County Circuit Clerk

1st District
W. Joe Reid 215 Pocahontas Street Sardis, MS 38666 Phone: 662-487-2073 Fax: 662-487-3595

2nd District
W. Joe Reid P.O. Box 346 Batesville, MS 38606 Phone: 662-563-6210 Fax: 662-563-8233

Pearl River County Circuit Clerk
Vicki P. Hariel 200 South Main Street Poplarville, MS 39470 Phone: 601-403-2300 Fax: 601-403-2327

Perry County Circuit Clerk
Martha F. Clark P.O. Box 198 New Augusta, MS 39642 Phone: 601-964-8663 Fax: 601-964-8740

Pike County Circuit Clerk
Roger A. Graves P.O. Box 31 Magnolia, MS 39652 Phone: 601-783-2581 Fax: 601-783-6322

Pontotoc County Circuit Clerk
Tracy L. Robinson P.O. Box 428 Pontotoc, MS 38863 Phone: 662-489-3908 Fax: 662-489-2318

Prentiss County Circuit Clerk
Mike Kelley P. O. Box 727 Booneville, MS 38829 Phone: 662-728-4611 Fax: 662-728-2006

Quitman County Circuit Clerk
Brenda A. Wiggs 220 Chestnut St., Ste 4 Marks, MS 38646 Phone: 601-326-8003 Fax: 601-326-8004

Rankin County Circuit Clerk
Carol B. Swilley P.O. Drawer 1599 Brandon, MS 39043 Phone: 601-825-1466 Fax: 601-825-1465

Scott County Circuit Clerk
Joe Rigby P.O. Box 371 Forest, MS 39074 Phone: 601-469-3601 Fax: 601-469-5188

Sharkey County Circuit Clerk
Murindia Williams P.O. Box 218 Rolling Fork, MS 39159 Phone: 601-873-2755 Fax: 601-873-6045

Simpson County Circuit Clerk
Cindy M. Jensen P.O. Box 307 Mendenhall, MS 39114 Phone: 601-847-2474 Fax: 601-847-4011

Smith County Circuit Clerk
Anthony Grayson P.O. Box 517 Raleigh, MS 39153 Phone: 601-782-4751 Fax: 601-782-4007

Stone County Circuit Clerk
Kenny Hatten 323 Cavers Avenue Wiggins, MS 39577 Phone: 601-928-5246 Fax: 601-928-5248

Sunflower County Circuit Clerk
Sharon McFadden P.O. Box 880 Indianola, MS 38751 Phone: 662-887-1252 Fax: 662-887-7077

Tallahatchie County Circuit Clerk

1st District
Stephanie D. Sims P.O. Box 86 Charleston, MS 38921 Phone: 662-647-8758 Fax: 662-647-8490

2nd District
Stephanie D. Sims P.O. Box 96 Sumner, MS 38957 Phone: 662-375-8515 Fax: 662-375-7252

Tate County Circuit Clerk
Edward Hadskey 201 Ward Street Senatobia, MS 38868 Phone: 662-562-5211 Fax: 662-562-7486

Tippah County Circuit Clerk
James E. Dees 102-A North Main Ripley, MS 38663 Phone: 662-837-7370 Fax: 662-837-1030

Tishomingo County Circuit Clerk
Donna Henry Dill 1008 Battleground Iuka, MS 38852 Phone: 662-423-7026 Fax: 662-423-1667

Tunica County Circuit Clerk
Sharon Granberry Reynolds P.O. Box 184 Tunica, MS 38676 Phone: 662-363-2842 Fax: 662-363-2413

Union County Circuit Clerk
Phyllis Stanford P.O. Box 298 New Albany, MS 38652 Phone: 662-534-1910 Fax: 662-534-2059

Walthall County Circuit Clerk
Pat Ginn Broussard 200 Ball Avenue Tylertown, MS 39667 Phone: 601-876-5677 Fax: 601-876-4077

Warren County Circuit Clerk
Shelly Ashley-Palmertree P.O. Box 351 Vicksburg, MS 39181 Phone: 601-636-3961 Fax: 601-630-4100

Washington County Circuit Clerk
Barbara Esters Parker P.O. Box 1276 Greenville, MS 38702 Phone: 662-378-2747 Fax: 662-334-2698

Wayne County Circuit Clerk
Rose M. Bingham 609 Azalea Waynesboro, MS 39367 Phone: 601-735-1171 Fax: 601-735-6261

Webster County Circuit Clerk
Deborah Hood Neal P.O. Box 308 Walthall, MS 39771 Phone: 601-258-6287 Fax: 601-258-7686

Wilkinson County Circuit Clerk
Mon Cree Allen P.O. Box 327 Woodville, MS 39669 Phone: 601-888-6697 Fax: 601-888-6984

Winston County Circuit Clerk
Kim T. Ming P.O. Drawer 785 Louisville, MS 39339 Phone: 662-773-3581 Fax: 662-773-7192

Yalobusha County Circuit Clerk

1st District
Daryl Burney P.O. Box 260 Coffeeville, MS 38922 Phone: 662-675-8187 Fax: 662-675-8004

2nd District
Daryl Burney P.O. Box 1431 Water Valley, MS 38965 Phone: 662-473-1341 Fax: 662-473-5020

Yazoo County Circuit Clerk
Susie Bradshaw P.O. Box 108 Yazoo City, MS 39194 Phone: 662-746-1872 Fax: 662-716-0113

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