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Multiple tools are available to law enforcement in the search for missing children in Mississippi. The Mississippi Department of Public Safety, along with the Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol's Bureau of Investigations, have been tasked with overseeing the state Amber Alert plan. The Mississippi Amber Plan is a critical missing child response program that utilizes the resources of law enforcement and media to notify the public when children are kidnapped by predators. An arm of the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is the Criminal Information Center, which plays an important role to communicate vital information relating to crimes, criminals, and criminal activity. It is the state's criminal records repository and provides fingerprint-based identification services to law enforcement and other criminal justice entities. Individuals will find many helpful internet resources which provide online searches for missing children and information to assist in the search for missing and abducted children. Mississippi Social Services may serves as mediator between parents, law enforcement, media and the missing children to assist parents in locating their children.

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