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South Carolina Department of Corrections will focus on current long term missing child cases in an attempt to generate new information for investigation. Search for information on missing children by name, missing date or missing location. The Attorney Generals office is working with the State Law Enforcement Division to find South Carolinas missing children. The South Carolina Child Amber Alert website tells you how the program works and these broadcasts through radio and television stations assist law enforcement agencies in finding abducted children. On the South Carolina Internet Crimes Against Children website you will find a number of informative and useful links for all ages to learn more about Internet safety and protecting children online. Parents are able to find information and steps to follow if they believe their child is missing. Family members can download a handbook for those who have experienced a family abduction, learn about the laws that will help them, prevention methods, and suggestions for aftercare following the abduction. You can view an online current map of the origins of missing children in South Carolina.

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