International Background Checks


Using the links below, access public records for over 40 European countries including Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Categorized by country, access international records such as Jewish vital records and Jewish genealogy, international missing children websites, stolen art reports, international vital records, court systems of a country, international law, international adoption, international telephone directory by country, and official government websites of a country.



Albania Banking Law
Albania Civil Rights Law
Albania Constitution
Albania Criminal Law
Albania Labor Law
Albania Family News Network
Albania Patent Office and Trademarking
Albania Phone Directory
Albanian Refugees From the War


Andorra Constitution
Andorra Directory
Andorra Government
Andora Legal Information
Andorra Network Information Center
Andorra Patent Law
Andorra Trademark Registry
Andorra Trade Name Search


Austria Area Codes
Austrian Bar Association
Austria Constitution
Austrian Constitutional Court
Austrian Directory
Austria Driver Licenses
Austria Labor Unions
Austria Legal Information
Austria Libraries
Austria Marriage
Austrian National Library
Austria National Police
Austrian Parliament
Austrian Patent Office
Austria Phone Directory
Austria Statistical Office
Austrian Train Travel
Legal Information System of the Republic of Austria (RIS)
Starting A Business
Working In Austria


Belarus Business And Commerce
Belarus Chamber Of Commerce
Belarus Constitution
Belarus Constitutional Court
Belarus Directory
Belarus Information Directory
Belarus Internet Resources
Belarus Miscellany (ABM)
Belarus Center For Legal Information
National Center of the Legal Information
Belarus National Center for Marketing Database
Belarus National Legal Internet Portal
Belarus Order of Goods and Currency
Belarus Parliament
National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
Belarus Statistical Office


Belgium Archaeological Foundation
Belgium Business Directory
Belgium Council of State
Belgium Constitution
Belgium Directory
Belgium Divorce Process
Belgium Governmental Information
Belgium Institut National de Statistiques (INS)
Belgium Legal Information
Belgium Legislative Database
Belgium Marriage Law
Belgium National Police
Belgium Patents
Belgium Private International Law
Belgium Supreme Court
Belgium Tax Law
Belgium Work Permit
Federation of Belgian Companies
Investing In Belgium
Legal Websites for Belgian Lawyers
List of Belgian Law Schools
Obtaining Copy of a Criminal Record
Order Of Flemish Bars
Royal Library of Belgium
State Archives In Belgium


Bosnia and Herzegovina Constitution
Bosnia and Herzegovina Criminal Code
Bosnia and Herzegovina Diplomatic and Consular Missions
Bosnia and Herzegovina Directory
Bosnia and Herzegovina Foreign Investment Promotion Agency
Bosnia and Herzegovina Human Rights
Bosnia and Herzegovina Legal Information
Bosnia and Herzegovina Parliament
Bosnia and Herzegovina Patent Office
Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Directory
Bosnia and Herzegovina Statistical Office
Central Bank of Bosnia And Herzegovina
National Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bulgaria Constitution
Bulgaria Constitutional Court
Bulgaria Divorce Law Firms
Bulgaria Directory
Bulgarian Foreign Investment Agency
Bulgaria Law Portal
Bulgaria Law
Bulgaria Official Government Site
Bulgaria Patent Office
Bulgaria Phone Directory
Bulgaria Supreme Bar Council
Bulgaria Statistical Office
St. Cyril and St. Methodius National Libraries
Investing In Bulgaria


Alberta Public Records Search
British Columbia Public Records
Manitoba Public Records
New Brunswick Public Records
Newfoundland and Labrador Public Records
Northwest Territories Public Records
Nova Scotia Public Records
Nunavut Public Records
Ontario Public Records
Prince Edward Island Public Records
Quebec Public Records
Saskatchewan Public Records
Yukon Public Records


Croatia Accomodations
Croatia Constitution
Croatia Constitutional Court
Croatia Directory
Croatia Embassies
Croatia Genealogy
Croatia Law
Croatia National Government Site
Croatia National and University Library
Croatia Patent
Croatia Statistical Office
Croatia White Pages


Cyprus Bar Association
Cyprus Central Bank
Cyprus Constitution
Cyprus Directory
Cyprus Interational Business Laws
Cyprus Judiciary
Cyprus Legal Information
Cyprus Marriage Information
Cyprus National Library
Cyprus National Government Site
Cyprus Parliament
Cyprus Patent Office
Cyprus Property Buyers
Cyprus Statistical Office
Cyprus Registrar Of Companies
Missing Cypriots Page
Online Business Directory of Cyprus

Czech Republic

Czech Constitution
Czech Constitutional Court
Czech Criminal Records
Czech Directory
Czech Foreign Investment Agency
Czech Genealogy
Czech Industrial Property Office
Czech Information Center
Czech Institute of Archaeology
Czech Legal Information
Czech Marriage Information
Czech Official Government Site
Czech Statistical Office
Czech Yellow Pages
Jewish Museum in Prague
National Library Of The Czech Republic


Danish Bar Association
Danish Demographic Database
Danish Exporters
Danish Law
Danish National Archives
Danish Patent and Trademark Office Database
Danish Tax and Census Database
Denmark Bar Association
Denmark Constitution
Denmark Judicial System
Denmark Directory
Denmark Genealogy
Denmark Governemt Legal Database
Denmark Legal Information
Denmark Official Government Website
Denmark Parliament
Denmark Phone Directory
Denmark Statistics
Denmark Supreme Court
Legal Information On Faroe Islands
Magnus Legal Database
Marriage Information In Copenhagen
The Danish Royal Library


Estonia Bar Association
Estonia Constitution
Estonia Directory
Estonia Educational and Research Network
Estonia Embassies
Estonia Genealogy Society
Estonia Infoweb
Estonia Intellectual Property Office
Estonia Investment Agency
Estonia Marriage And Divorce Records
Estonia Official Government Website
Estonia Parliament
Estonia Patent Office
Estonia Statistical Office
Estonia Supreme Court
Estonia Vital Statistics
National Library of Estonia


Finland Bar Association
Finland Constitution
Finland Court System
Finland Criminal Records
Finland Directory
Finland Driver License
Finland Driver License Information
Finland Genealogy
Finland Government
Finland Judicial System
Finland Legal Database
Finland Legal Information
Finland Legal Research
Finland Ministries
Finland Parliament
Finland Patent and Trademark
Finland Statistics
Finland Virtual
Helsinki Subways
The National Library of Finland


Academic Portal
France Bar Association
France Constitution
France Court System
France Directory
France Legal Database
France National Archives
France Patent Office
France Scientific Research
France Statistical Office
France Train Travel
France Working Visa
French Genealogy Search/ Family Names
French Genealogy Search Paris Region 1624-1896
French Genealogy Search

French Law
French Law Firms
French Legal Information
French Marriage
French National Library
French National Police
France Official Government Website
French Parliament
French Phone Directory
French Supreme Court
Interactive Pictures of Selected Cities
Invest In France
Missing Person Search
Paris Subways


Archives in Germany
German-American Lawyers
German Business Law
German Constitution
German Court System
German Criminal Records
Germany Directory
German Genealogy Search
German Legal Database
German Official Government Website
German Parliament
German Patent and Trademark Office
German Supreme Court
German Universities
Germany Phone Directory
Germany's Most Wanted
Germany Train Travel
Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934
Holocaust Primary Documents
Missing Children
Stasi Records Act
Stolen Art
The German Federal Bar
The German National Police
The German Statistical Office
The National Library Of Germany


Athens Bar Association
Greece Constitution
Greece Court System
Greece Directory
Greece Legal Database
Greece Legal Information
Greece National Statistical Service
Greece Official Government Website
Greece Parliament
Greece Patent Office
Greece Phone Directory
Greek Genealogy Search
National Library of Greece
Train Travel


Hungary Constitution
Hungary Court System
Hungary Criminal Records
Hungary Directory
Hungary Divorce
Hungary Genealogy Search
Hungary Jewish Records
Hungarian Law
Hungary Legal Information
Hungary Marriage
Hungarian National Bank (MNB)
Hungary Official Government Website
Hungary Parliament
Hungarian Patent Office
Hungary Phone Directory
Hungary Statistical Agency
Hungary Supreme Court
Hungary Universities
National Archives of Hungary
National Szechenyi Library
The Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE)
Train Travel


Iceland Constitution
Icelandic Criminal Records
Iceland Directory
Iceland Export
Iceland Genealogy Search
Iceland Law
Iceland Marriage Law
Iceland Official Government Website
Iceland Parliament
Iceland Patent Office
Iceland Phone Directory
Iceland Supreme Court
Icelandic Aircraft Database
Icelandic Institute of Archaeology
National Archives of Iceland
Statistical Office Of Iceland
The Icelandic Bar Association
The National and University Library of Iceland


Barristers in Ireland
Burrishoole 1901 Census Records
Carrick Census Records
Church Vital Records
Clare County 1901 Census Records
County Cork Census Listings
County Cork Parishes
County Donegal Census
County Galway Census 1901
County Kerry Online Records
County Limerick Baptism Records 1812 - 1896
County Mayo Census Records
County Mayo Census Records 1901 & 1911
County Meath Census Records 1901
County Tipperary Census 1901 & 1911
County Wicklow Census Records 1901 & 1911
Ireland Court Records
Dublin 1850's
Ireland Constitution
Ireland Court Records
Ireland Courts
Ireland Directory
Ireland Government
Ireland Legal Database
Ireland Missing Persons Database
Ireland Official Government Website
Ireland Parliament
Ireland Statistical Office
Ireland Town Names
Irish Law
Irish Law Society
Irish Legal Databases
Irish Medical Directory
Irish Medical Services and Facilities
Irish Origins Network
Irish Patents Office Database
Irish Supreme Court
Irish Yellow Pages
Kilmacow Parish Birth Index
Leitrim-Roscommon 1901 Ireland Census
National Archives of Ireland
National Library of Ireland
The Law Society of Ireland
Train Travel


Aeolian Island Genealogy
Africo Vital Records 1866-1910
Alberobello Bari, Apuglia records 1812
Apice, Benevento, Campania 1821-1860
Calitri Genealogy
Castellino del Biferno
Fondo, Tret, Vasio, Seio, and Malosco Italy Families
Italian Cities and Towns
Italian Constitution
Italian Court System
Italian Law
Italian Legal Database
Italian Parliament
Italian Statistical Office
Italian Supreme Court
Italy Bar Association
Italy Directory
Italy National Archives
Italy Official Government Website
Marano Marchesato Genealogy Records
Marano Marchesato Parish Records
Miglionico, Basilicata Vital Records
Missing Children
Petralia Sottana Birth Records
Provincia di Benevento, Molara Birth Records
Provincia di Benevento Molara Death Records
Provincia di Benevento Molara Marriage Records
Provincia di Basilicata Birth Records
Provincia di Basilicata Marriage Records
Provincia di Chieti Vital Records
Provincia di Messina Records
Registered Aircraft
San Cataldo, Immigrants
San Cataldo, Marriage Records
San Paolo Albanese, Provincia di Basilicata Vital Records
Santa Caterina Villarmosa Vital Records
San Giorgio La Molara, Provincia di Benevento Vital Records
Sersale Vital Statistics
Spinazzola, Bari Vital Statistics
Spinazzola, Apuglia Vital Records
The Central National Library Of Florence
The National Central Library Of Rome
Tigliole Genealogy
Tito Civil Records
Trabia, Death Records
Vatican Library


Bank Of Latvia
Latvia Archives
Latvia Central Statistics Services
Latvia Council of Sworn Advocates
Latvia Constitution
Latvia Directory
Latvia Firms And Institutions Database
Latvia Genealogy Search
Latvia Investment and Development Agency
Latvia Jewish Genealogy
Latvian Law
Latvia Legal Database
Latvia Official Government Website
Latvia Parliament
Latvia Patent Office
Latvia Phone Directory
Latvia Supreme Court
National Library Of Latvia
State Archives of Latvia


Liechtenstein Government
Liechtenstein Courts
Liechtenstein Directory
Liechtenstein Official Government Website
Liechtenstein Parliament


Lithuanian Bar Association
Lithuania Bureau of Statistics
Lithuania Constitution
Lithuania Court System
Lithuania Directory
Lithuania 1897 Census Database
Lithuania Genealogy
Lithuania Given Names Database
Lithuanian Global Genealogical Society
Lithuania Industrial Property Statistical Data
Lithuanian Law
Lithuania Legal Database
Lithuania Official Court Website
Lithuania On Line Databases
Lithuania Parliament
Lithuania Patent Office
Lithuania Phone Directory
Lithuania Trademark Database
National Library of Lithuania
State Archives Of Lithuania


Luxembourg Aircraft Database
Luxembourg Bar Association
Luxembourg Business Directory
Luxembourg Census 1843 - 1900
Luxembourg Central Bank
Luxembourg Constitution
Luxembourg Directory
Luxembourg Genealogy Search By Parish
Luxembourg Law
Luxembourg Legal Database
Luxembourg National Archives
Luxembourg National Police
Luxembourg Official Government Website
Luxembourg Parliament
Luxembourg Patent Office
Luxembourg Phone Directory
Luxembourg Statistics Office
Luxembourg Supreme Court
National Library of Luxembourg


Macedonia Bar Association
Macedonia Constitution
Macedonia Directory
Macedonian Law
Macedonia Official Government Website
Macedonia Parliament


Central Bank of Malta
Malta Business Portal
Malta Chamber Of Commerce
Malta Constitution
Malta Court System
Malta Directory
Maltese Law
Malta Maritime Authority
Malta National Statistics Office
Malta Official Government Website
Malta Parliament
Malta Patent
Maltese Surname Connection
National Library of Malta


Moldova Constitution
Moldova Directory
Moldova Law
Moldova Legal Database
Moldova Official Government Website
Moldova Parliament
Moldova Supreme Court


Monaco Archives
Monaco Business Directory
Monaco Genealogy
Monaco Legal Information
Monaco Patent Information


Archaeology In Netherlands
Birth Records After 1811
Directory of Professional Archaeologists In The Netherlands
List Of Amsterdam Coffeeshops
Missing Children
Netherlands Bankruptcies & Insolvencies
Netherlands Bar Association
Netherlands Cemeteries Index
Netherlands Constitution
Netherlands Court Records
Netherlands Court System
Netherlands Death Records After 1811
Netherlands Directory
Netherlands Health Care Disciplinary Actions
Netherlands Legal Databases
Netherlands Legal Findings
Netherlands Marriage Records After 1811
Netherlands Medical Licenses
Netherlands National Archives
Netherlands National Police
Netherlands Official Government Website
Netherlands Parliament
Netherlands Supreme Court
Netherlands Patent Office
Netherlands Yellow Pages
National Library Of The Netherlands
Persecuted Jews And Their Families 1940-1945
The Netherlands Statistical Office


Driver Licenses In Norway
JewishGen Scandinavia Database
Norway Academic Portal
Norway Census Records 1660 - 1900
Norway Constitution
Norway Court System
Norway Criminal Records
Norway Directory
Norway Divorce
Norway Genealogy Search
Norwegian Lawyers
Norway Legal Database
Norway Maps
Norway Marriage
Norway Marriage
Norway National Archives
Norway Official Government Website
Norway In The United States
Norwegian Patent Office
Norway Phone Directory
Norway Ship And Vessel Register
Norway Statistical Office
Norway Supreme Court
Official Norwegian Trade Portal
Property Records
The Norwegian Bar Association
The National Library Of Norway
Train Travel


National Archives Of Poland
National Bank Of Poland
Poland Academic Portal
Poland Catholic Church Records
Poland Constitution
Poland Court System
Poland Directory
Poland Legal Database
Poland Official Government Website
Poland Parliament
Poland Phone Directory
Poland Statistical Office
Polish Archaeological Foundation
Polish Genealogy Search
Polish JewishGen
Polish Law
Polish Patent Office
PolishRoots Databases For Galicia
Poznan Province Marriage Records
Supreme Court Of Poland
The Polish National Library
Train Travel
Warsaw Metro
Wischnitz Parish Register


Lisbon Underground
Missing Persons
National Library of Portugal
Portugal Constitution
Portugal Court Database
Portugal Directory
Portugal Genealogy Search
Portugal Legal Database
Portugal Phone Directory
Portugual Institute of Archaeology
Portugal National Archives
Portugal Information
Portugal Patent Office
Portugal Parliament
Portugal Supreme Court
Portuguese Bar Association
Portuguese Law
Portuguese Bar Association
Portuguese Investment Agency
Portuguese Passenger Ship List
Portuguese Statistical Office


Bucharest Bar Association
Church Records & Civil Registration
Kretchnif; 1828-1830 Census
National Institute of Statistics
Romania Business Directory
Romania Constitution
Romania Court System
Romania Directory
Romanian Law
Romanian Lawyers
Romania Legal Database
Romania Marriage
Romania National Bank
Romania Official Government Website
Romania Parliament
Romania Patent Office
Romania Statistical Office
Romania Supreme Court
Romania Trademarks
Struma 1942 Passengers
The National Library of Romania
Transylvania Record Locations


Central Bank of the Russian Federation
Russia Business Directories 1895 - 1911
Russian Census of 2002
Russia Constitution
Russia Court System
Russia Directory
Russia Federation on Statistics
Russian Genealogy Search
Russia Legal Database
Russian National Archives
Russia Official Government Website
Russia Parliament
Russia Patent Office
Russia Scientific Societies
Russian Society of Historians and Archivists 
Russian Law
Russian Law Firms
Russian Universities
Supreme Court Of Russia
The Russian State Library Moscow
The Russian State Library St. Petersburg
The Russian Statistical Office

Slovak Republic

Slovak Constitution
Slovak Court System
Slovak Directory
Slovak Genealogy Search
Slovak Industrial Property Office
Slovak Institute for Cultural Memory
Slovak Law
Slovak Legal Database
Slovak National Archives
Slovak National Library in Martin
Slovak Office of Statistics
Slovak Official Government Website
Slovak Parliament
Slovak Phone Directory
Slovak Register for Patents
Slovak Supreme Court
Slovak Surname Location Reference Project
Litmanova Immigrants
Litmanova Vital Records


Bank Of Slovenia
Bar Association of Slovenia
Cadastre Maps From The 19th Century
Church Records From Stari Trg ob Kolpe
Slovenia Business Directory
Slovenia Constitution
Slovenia Court System
Slovenia Diocesan Archives of Koper
Slovenia Directory
Slovenia Funds And Collections Data
Slovenia Genealogy Search
Slovenia Law
Slovenia National Archives
Slovenia National Institute of Statistics
Slovenia Official Government Website
Slovenia Parliament
Slovenia Phone Directory
Slovenia Supreme Court
Patent & Trademark Agency Slovenia
The Slovenian Intellectual Property Office
The Slovenia National and University Library


Archaeological Association
Archives in Spain and Latin America
Archives Of Spain
Archivos General de Indias Online Database
Bar Association of Spain
Basque Region Genealogy Resources
Basque Surnames
Guardia Civil offices in Spain
List of Deaths of the American Hispanic War in Puerto Rico 1898
Missing Persons
National Library of Spain
Sephardic Genealogy Resources
Spain Constitution
Spain Court System
Spain Directory
Spain Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
Spain Institute of Statistics
Spain Law
Spain Law Firms
Spain National Institute of Statistics
Spain National List Of Place Names
Spain Official Government Website
Spain Parliament
Spain Patent Office
Spain Phone Directory
Spain Supreme Court
Spanish National Library
Spain Surname Database


Aircraft Registered in Sweden
Bank of Sweden
National Archives Of Sweden
Nordic Gene Bank
Stockholm City Archives
Swedish Bar Assn
Swedish Church Records Online
Swedish Constitution
Swedish Court System
Swedish Criminal Records Request Form
Swedish Design Register
Swedish Directory
Swedish Genealogy Search
Swedish Genealogy Databases
Swedish Law
Swedish Official Government Website
Swedish Parliament
Swedish Patent Office
Swedish Police Association
Swedish Statistical Office
Swedish Supreme Court
The Swedish Bar Association
The Royal Library Of Sweden


Starting A Business
Statistical Office Of Switzerland
Swiss Aircraft Registry
Swiss Bar Assn
Swiss Driver License
Swiss Genealogy Search
Swiss Law
Swiss National Library
Swiss Universities
Switzerland Bank Directory
Switzerland Constitution
Switzerland Court System
Switzerland Criminal Records
Switzerland Directory
Switzerland Legal Database
Switzerland Marriage
Switzerland Missing Persons
Switzerland Official Government Website
Switzerland Parliament
Switzerland Patent Office
Switzerland Phone Directory
Switzerland Scientific Foundation
Switzerland Stolen Art
Switzerland Supreme Court
The Swiss National Police
Train Travel


The Ukraine Statistical Office
The Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine
Ukraine Business Directory
Ukraine Constitution
Ukraine Court System
Ukraine Genealogy
Ukraine Law
Ukraine Legal Database
Ukraine Maps
Ukraine Ministry of Environmental Protection
Ukraine Official Government Website
Ukraine Parliament
Ukraine Patent Office
Ukraine Supreme Court
Ukraine Tourist Information

United Kingdom

Births Marriages and Deaths 1837-1899
Britain And Wales 1901 Census
British Accounting Firms
British Acts Of Parliament
British Archaeology Online
British Census from 1841 to 1911
British Company Search
British Constitution
British Court Records
British Court System
British Criminal Records
British Criminal Justice System
British Genealogy Search
British High Court
British Hospital Records
British Legal Database
British Parliament
British Patent Office
British Phone Directory
British Prisons
British Property
British Registration Offices
British Vital Records
British Wills
Cambridgeshire Missing Persons
Cheshire County Births
Cheshire County Deaths
Cheshire County Marriages
Churchill Papers
Companies House Database
County Antrim Census 1851
Court Service Judgments Database
Jewish Vital Records
Official Government Website
Missing Children
Stolen Art Register
The British Library
The British National Police
The British Statistical Office
The General Council of The Bar
United Kingdom Directory
United Kingdom 2001 Census
United Kingdom National Archives Database

Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro)

Montenegro Government Website
Serbia and Montenegro Legal Databases
Serbia Government Website
Yugoslavia Bar
Yugoslavia Constitution
Yugoslavia Directory
Yugoslavia Parliament
Yugoslavia Supreme Court

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