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Using the comprehensive links below, access links to Canada by Province. Find links to the Canadian banking system, find a Canadian bank, Canadian financial institution, or Canadian credit union,or find a Canadian Automated Teller Machine (ATM). Find help in locating a Canadian attorney, a Canadian Law firm, Canadian legal decisions and Canadian laws. Do a people search in Canada, find immigration records, do a genealogy search, find Canadian military records, and web sites dedicated to finding Canadian missing children. Access the online Canadian Telephone directory for Canadian white pages and Canadian yellow pages to locate a person or a Canadian Business. Find Canadian postal codes, find a Canadian post office by location, or use the reverse postal code look-up to find a location of a postal code. Find information on Canadian patents and Canadian trademarks.

Canada Nationwide Directory

Canadian Public Records and Legal System

  • Banking
    Locate a Canadian bank, financial institution or ATM.
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Records
    Search the nationwide bankruptcy database by name or estate number.
  • Canada Association and Society Directory
    Search for professional associations and public resources in Canada.
  • Canada Business Directory
    Resource for locating businesses nationwide.
  • Canada Courts and Legal Resources
    Locate federal or provincial court records and legal assistance.
  • Federal Government Directory
    Lookup contact information and resources from Canada government and federal agencies.
  • Genealogy Search
    Lookup family history or search for specific information relating to genealogy from Canadian resources.
  • Government Data
    Search statistics, census, and other public information provided by the Canadian government.
  • Military Records
    Find up to date public information from the respective branches of the Canadian military.
  • Missing Children
    Resources and important community public safety information regarding missing children in Canada.
  • National Archives
    Research archived records for government records, maps, historical documents and more from national collections.
  • Patent
    Search the patent database or file a patent with the Canadian Office of Intellectual Property .
  • Phone Directory
    Lookup numbers, search Canadian white pages, Canadian yellow pages, business phone directories, and more.
  • Post Office
    Find a Canadian postal code, locate a post office, or use the reverse postal code lookup
  • Transport Canada
    Search information regarding vehicle registration, vehicle databases, recalls, aviation or other vessel resources, and more.
  • Unclaimed Funds
    Instant search of unclaimed funds from bankruptcy dividends.